Step 2 is to book into your beauty therapist for a skin analysisHave a facial, listen to your therapist as per their skincare recommendation.  At the very least start a relationship now so that when it gets closeryour therapist can suggest when and which facial to have nearer to the date.  It’s safer to have someone that knows your skin so that there are no surprises! TIP – the Lit-from-within” glow starts with healthy well prepped skin! Properly exfoliated and hydrated skin accepts and holds makeup soooo much better. Have perfect skinLucky you. Or you’re happy to take charge yourself? Absolutely! But the same theory applies – start a routine, try some new products, but do it sooner rather than later, so that you know exactly how your skin reacts. One thing remains the same – exfoliate before the big day, your foundation will look more natural and last longer.