Foundation, quite possibly may have the biggest job on your wedding day. Ideally we want a base that feels comfortable, lasts, impervious to tears, looks like a “second skin” and not a mask, takes great photos and looks movie star quality in videos.  Not too much to ask right? Now over many years I have had different foundations in my kit and tried a bunch myself and what I would find is that different foundations ticked some of the box’s but not all.  I’ve narrowed my search down to two professional foundations – RCMA and Face Atelier simply put, are the most amazing foundations I’ve ever used!  Crazy staying power and perfect for matt or dewy looks. The “Lit-from-within” glow is definitely achieved with these buildable, flexible, comfortable “second skin” foundations. For those who are foundation wearers you will appreciate the flawlessness and for those of you who usually wear little to no makeup, you’ll forget your even wearing it.  It feels great on – more to the point you won’t feel it!