To be, or not to be, that is the question?

I get asked quite often “do I need to have a trial”? The short answer is no (with that being said……) You’re not wrong in thinking that its main purpose is to “check out” your hair / makeup artist and to make sure that they can achieve your desired look and indeed, that your desired “look” actually looks good. I believe it’s important for other reasons too, it helps the stylist know exactly what your expectations are on the day.

Your stylist will record the products and techniques used at the trial so that on the day there are no surprises and the wedding morning runs like clockwork! Equally important, as I have mentioned a few times already, it’s nice to start a relationship before the date and I believe this lessens your nerves in the lead up. If having a trial is not possible and sometimes it can simply be a geographical reason, pick up the phone, email back and forth, start a shared Pinterest board. A good hair/ makeup artist will answer your questions and an excellent stylist will welcome being a part of your journey.

My solution, for the scenario in which a Bride cannot commit to a trial, is to offer a “complimentary catch up” coffee date here on the Peninsula, to chat all things weddings and if that doesn’t suit we can always ZOOM ( now that I am an expert after lock down homeschooling 🙂

Photo: Iryna Matyash design