We’re starting how early?

In terms of having hair and makeup done on your wedding day morning, you can never have too much time! As a loose rule of thumb: the photographer, will arrive to us at our “getting ready” location, 90 mins before the ceremony (depending on travel time to the ceremony location and whether you’re having “1st look” photos) At this point, the hair and makeup team, plan to be finalising “finishing touches”.While we wrap up, photographers will be capturing shots of you in the makeup chair and your bridal party having a champagne in your robes. Also of the bridal gown before you put it on, your shoes, jewellery, perfume and all of the little details before they come together as one final vision . I work backwards from the time the photographer arrives, to achieve our start time. Depending on how big your bridal party is, that can sometimes be early! (or earlier than you thought) The start time, can sound like an early start, but the morning really does fly and you’d prefer to have too much time than not enough.The morning, should be remembered as a calm, relaxing, stress free part of the day and as my 5 year old daughter likes to say “beauty takes time”.What I like to do in consultation with my bride, is to sketch out a time table. The bride generally is scheduled last in most cases, so you can have a sleep in (or try to have a “sleep in” in any case) and rest assured that I have a clear timeline for everyone to follow! 

My solution:

  1. I always do a timetable no matter how big or small the bridal party is. 
  2. I rarely take more than 1 wedding in a day so that time is only ever dictated by what time you need to be ready by.