Generally speaking, on your wedding day you will want to look “flawless”.But what does the word flawless mean to you?Your idea of “flawless” may be different to the next person and that of the next . It’s a pretty obvious statement, but I see it demonstrated with each new client and the ever changing “ideal” is my most favourite and sacred parts of my job. I will give you a very rudimentary analogy !Take freckles for instance….you may dislike your freckles ! Your idea of “flawless” might mean that you want every last freckle on your face to be covered? (P.S I love freckles just saying ….) OR you might love your freckles and having a light coverage foundation, that looks super natural so that you can still see your skin, is your thing.My job, is to use my skill set to make you, look like “you” but at your absolute best on your biggest day ever, while achieving your idea of flawlessness. This is really where the Lit-from-within theory begins! You want to feel comfortable on your wedding day and this will only happen if you feel like you.

Be your own kind of beautiful
With feeling comfortable comes feeling confident and nothing radiates flawless beauty more than that! (Mic drop)

Photo: Danilo Hess